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The Witter Family

family photo
Family Photo taken mid 1870s
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William Preston Witter

William Preston Witter
born 1830
died 1900

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Margaret Johnson 1855
Margaret Witter (nee Johnson)
Margaret Witter
born 1834
died 1906

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Walter George Witter

Walter George Witter
born 1863
died 1928
married Marian Gaskell
had one son (Carr) see below

Arthur Robert Witter
Arthur Witter
born 1861
died 1940
married Helen ????
had 2 daughers

Florence Alice Margaret Witter (Tiny)
Florence Alice Margaret Witter
born 1864
died 1941
married Lewis Robins
born 1864

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Frederick William Witter
Frederick William Witter
born 1860
died 1927
married Laura Hester Perry
born 1864
died 1954
Emma Mary
Emma Mary
born 1858
died 1880
Ellen Mason (Nellie)
Nellie Witter
born 1857
died ????
married George Frederick Alma Leete

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Thomas Preston (Tom)
tom preston witter
born 1869
died 1904
married Elizabeth (Lal) Davies

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Carr Witter

university photo

This photo shows Carr Witter in Cambridge with his parents Walter & Marian on a punt on the river.

Carr Witter
Son of Walter & Marian

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