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Key Milestones in the history of CoZmiK shirts Ltd

23 May 1998

CoZmiK shirts launched on-line with four web pages, known as fitting rooms, featuring just 25 designs! The first order we received was paid for by cheque; a gift by a husband to her pregnant wife!

The ethos of the business was to provide a high quality service at reasonable prices

June 1998

We launched "Spot the Ball", our award-winning monthly competition, to celebrate the World Cup in 1998. Web site visitors had to search through our web pages to find a tiny football hidden somewhere on the site. We ran this game for 2 years. We also sponsored a competition on the Keeshond dog rescue website.

February 1999

We launched our addictive "Where in the World?" competition. This continued on a very regular basis until April 2012. We had many loyal followers of this simple little game, many of whom went away with a vastly improved knowledge of geography!!!! Who says education can't be fun! Over the years we had 339 winners each of whom got to choose a t-shirt of their choice from our collection as their prize.

April 1999

Our on-line ordering system, powered by Shop@ssistant and secure on-line credit card payment facilities were added to make payment easier for our visitors. We also launched our Extranet to allow freelance designers to check how their designs were selling.

May 1999

Press Association's Web Choice, 22 May 1999
"Buy your own customised T-shirts on-line through this friendly and well organised site, with a great collection of colourful designs on offer."

November 1999

Evening Standard, 5 November 1999
"CoZmiKshirts has a name to remember and designs to make you laugh."

December 1999

We launched our new Custom Printed T-shirt Order Form with automatic price estimates.

We were also featured in this month's edition of the Management Today magazine.

Internet.Works, page 25
CoZmiK shirts' CEO contributed an article on on-line fraud entitled "Combating Fraud".

February 2000

Internet.Works, p25
A review of the experiences of various Internet retailers (including us) during the pre-Christmas shoping period.

March/April 2000

PS Magazine, Top of the Shops, 5-Star rating (out of 6)
"A fantastic range of patterned and humorous T-shirts. T-shirts are great value."

May 2000

Printwear & Promotion, page 74
A Web Watch feature which includes: "The site is colourful, fast, easy to use, and above all entertaining. What it lacks in sophistication it makes up for in charm."

September 2000

Our new printed T-shirt order form (with price calculator) was launched to make selecting a design easier. We also streamlined the process for registering new designers at this time.

October 2000

Bizarre Magazine, page 103
"... if you do win a trip to New Zealand, you'll be wanting some nice T-shirts to wear on the trip, which is where the nice nice people at CoZmiK shirts come in."

April 2001

Our designs became available on dark coloured t-shirts.

November 2001,

Printwear & Promotion, page 24-25
CoZmiK shirts has a two page feature entitled "Ventures in Cyberspace".

February 2002

Start & Run Your Business, page 65
CoZmiK shirts is featured as a case study on beating the effects of recession.

April 2002

Wandsworth NHS Primary Care Trust, Press Release 25 April 2002
The "Bowel Babes - Don't sit on your symptoms" T-shirts, used to promote Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, were designed and printed by CoZmiK shirts.

August 2002

Our comprehensive range of T-shirt designs caught the attention of the Telegraph newspaper , following one of our designs appearing on the Channel 4 Richard & Judy show in June.

April 2004

Our range of unprinted garments was expanded - jackets, caps, gloves, bags, umbrellas and other accessories alongside our popular printed T-shirts, polos, hoodies and sweats were added.

March 2005

We won the UK & Ireland regional award in the Fruit of the Loom 2004 Creative Challenge. Our humourous 'turkey' design was the regional winner in this pan-European competition.

April 2005

CoZmiK shirts Ltd became incorporated as a UK Limited Company to facilitate further growth.

January 2006

It took us a while to complete but our database driven website with an enhanced shopping cart was launched. This made the site faster and allowed us to offer even more designs and garments.

July 2012

After 14 years we decided to hang up our last CoZmiK shirt and retire from the garment decoration industry. We had grown the portfolio of designs from 25 to 1668 designs, with 27 freelance designers world wide.

We've had over 17,000 customers worldwide including some notable ones:

Over the years we had many many lovely comments from visitors and customers alike. Here's just a few of them:

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